We believe at Thirteen the importance of communication between family members, friends and colleagues. Communication present an opportunity to share information, comment, express opinions and develop relationships with others. At Thirteen, we empower people to be honest, clear and to express themselves with the assurance of name concealment. We created these Community Guidelines to support our mission by encouraging selfexpression while ensuring that our users create a safe environment for them and others on Thirteen.

Community Guidelines


During the use of Thirteen, messages should be respectful. People are expected to have different opinions, thoughts and ideas. All are welcomed and respected. As a community, sharing, or sending any content against a group of people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, culture, disability, gender, age, or any other discrimination is not acceptable.


Thirteen provides a window for users to express themselves and share feedback. Feedback is intended to help develop and is allowed if the main purpose of the to improve and not to insult.

Violence and Threats

Thirteen does not tolerate threats or encouragements of any kinds of self-harm. Promoting and encouraging violent actions such as terrorism, suicide, self-injury and eating disorders is not acceptable. In addition, Thirteen does not tolerate the use of the application for the sole purpose to sell or encourage the use of weapons, bombs, drugs, or any other regulated goods prohibited by the law.


Thirteen respects the privacy of our users and we encourage our users to respect the privacy of each other. Respecting privacy by refraining from including images of other people, phone numbers, private addresses, credit card information or any other personal data in the group chats. It is also not recommended to share private/personal/confidential information with others as they are intended to be used by yourself and not others.